[Dev-luatex] [luajittex] Producer string in PDF metadata

Marco Patzer homerow at lavabit.com
Wed Feb 20 15:45:17 CET 2013

On 2013–02–20 Hans Hagen wrote:

> >LuajitTeX however reports itself as “LuaTeX-0.72.0”. Should this be
> >changed to LuajitTeX-0.72.0 ?
> That's the rendering engine so it's best to keep that as it is now.

Alright, I thought it has just been missed and the Producer was
supposed to be in sync with the lua[jit]tex --version string.
\texenginename also returns LuaTeX instead of LuajitTeX, so at least
the behaviour is consistent.

> One can always add extra fields in the metadata.

Not necessary, I don't need that.

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