[Dev-luatex] [FusionForge] Bad News, Good News

noreply at foundry.supelec.fr noreply at foundry.supelec.fr
Mon Feb 11 22:49:07 CET 2013

Hi all,

I'm deeply for the unexpected  shutdown today.
It is entirely my fault. 
I have detected inconsistencies in the database, due to the migration.
(Actually some parts of the process have been skipped, hence
the schema did not match the php code)
So I had to fix that before it spread too far.
Now the database is sound.
All scm repos are online.
Mailing lists are online too.
You may try to  experiment with the other features.

I hope we are close to a stable point.

Last thing: whenever you activate / deactivate something, it may take some time because everything is scheduled from crontabs. If it doesn't work as expected, feel free to warn me.

Best regards,

Fabrice Popineau
(Foundry admin)

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