[Dev-luatex] [SupelecFoundry] Reborn

noreply at foundry.supelec.fr noreply at foundry.supelec.fr
Thu Feb 7 23:49:09 CET 2013

Hi all,

The old foundry machine was dying. 
We had to migrate all data to a new server.
This one is running on top of a virtual a machine
on a lame server. Hopefully, ot will be easier to 
backup and restore if needed.

The other problem is that the free version of GForge 
is not maintained anymore. The switch to a new forge 
has been anticipated but we had to complete it in

All data have been imported to FusionForge 5.2 .
Nothing has been lost.
The database has been migrated but given the large
differences between schemas, there might be discrepancies.

The focus has been put on : users, projects, scms (svn, cvs), mailing lists, file releases.

Warning: Projects admin will have to set manually the scm type for their source repositories by going to their project page -> admin -> Tools -> source code admin 

Please report anything which seems wrong.

The ssl certificate will be changed tomorrow for an approved one.
The skin of the site will change but there is no hurry.
Let's fix first what is needed so that you can get back to your work.

I'm really sorry for the 3 days shutdown. 
I'm quite confident that we are good for many years now (and again).

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