[Dev-luatex] Command line parsing

Mindaugas Piešina mindaugas.piesina at vtex.lt
Tue Dec 3 16:53:04 CET 2013

On 2013-12-03 12:05, Javier Múgica de Rivera wrote:

> If Luatex
> cannot just open the file, it should at least process the commad line
> transforming it from the platform-locale specific encoding to UTF-8,
> thence passing the arguments & filename to whatever routines it wants.

Anyway, I could grep neither CreateFile nor CreateFileW inside of tex 
part of luatex, so I doubt simple fopen() will manage accented file names.

Another one option would be to use short 8.3 file name variants. Use dir 
/X to obtain them.

Regards, Mindaugas.

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