[Dev-luatex] Command line parsing

Mindaugas Piešina mindaugas.piesina at vtex.lt
Tue Dec 3 16:24:59 CET 2013

On 2013-12-03 12:05, Javier Múgica de Rivera wrote:
> Can just Luatex ask some C library IO function to open the name it was 
> passed in, without it trying to be too smart parsing the name?
The opposite. Windows command shell passes accented letters in DOS 8-bit 
encoding (prehistoric, don't you see?).
So, if LuaTeX were extremely pedantic, he could convert these characters 
to UTF-16, which is actually how filenames are stored in the filesystem.
And just in cases, when the input comes directly from the terminal. At 
the moment LuaTeX is quite simple and clear about any input – UTF-8.

May be solution could be using of .bat files, where command lines are 
put in UTF-8? Just guess.

You could try Cygwin terminal as well – it uses UTF-8 for the input.

What about Total Commander? Don't have it at the moment.

>   Not being able to write accents or other kinds of characters in the 
> filename is a déja-vu form the protohistory of informatics.
Think about filenames like some kind of names of variables. Do you 
experience any discomfort about lack of accents on them?
Is the case really very first time, you have problems with accented 
filenames? Especially across different filesystems, like Hans mentioned?


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