[Dev-luatex] Building LuaTeX under Windows using the Netbeans IDE [hope not too off-topic]

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Mon Nov 12 14:52:40 CET 2012

On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 2:31 PM, Graham Douglas <
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> Dear All
> Apologies in advance if this is too off-topic for the list. For a couple
> of years I've been building LuaTeX
> under Windows using MSYS/MinGW --- simply running build.sh from the
> shell. Works well.
> However, I would really like to use an IDE to step through code and
> understand more about the
> source code of LuaTeX. I'm accustomed to using Visual Studio but I also
> just discovered the
> Netbeans IDE
> http://netbeans.org/
> It's particularly interesting because it lets you checkout an SVN
> repository and import
> it straight into the IDE. I've managed to do that for the LuaTeX
> repository, but that's as
> far as I get. Before I spend too much time trying to create a working
> build process with Netbeans,
> I was wondering if anyone else has tried this route? If it could be made
> to work it could
> create a really nice envionment for building/exploring LuaTeX,
> especially on Windows.
> I readily confess to a serious lack of knowledge in Linux-based build
> processes so I would be
> very grateful for any advice. If I can get it working I'll write it up
> on my blog (or elsewhere?)
> for others to share --- but I'll need some help to get going, or advice
> that it can't be done.
> Many thanks in advance.
> Cheers
> Graham
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Is it still resource hungry ?
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