[Dev-luatex] [lltx] quietening lualatex console output

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Sun Jan 30 12:27:44 CET 2011

2011/1/29 Philipp Stephani <st_philipp at yahoo.de>:
> I think LuaTeX should aim for more sane output in general, similar to other non-TeX compilers. That means:

But LuaTeX isn't a compiler. :-)

> - No printing of page numbers (already possible), file names (suggested in http://tracker.luatex.org/view.php?id=535) and similar nonsense. People who are interested in which files are loaded can use the filename recorder.
> - All messages use file:line:message style, even those that come from \write or Lua print() or texio.write()
> - \scrollmode (i.e. no user interaction) by default
> - Primitives or Lua functions for printing errors, warnings and informational messages
> - Getting rid of \errhelp
> - Messages are never broken across lines; every message is exactly one line; newline chars in messages are converted to spaces
> - No continuation of messages
> - No log file
> - Error messages go to stderr
> - No banner

I find it really hard to take your requests seriously. You describe a
program that behaves very different from what we have used for the
last decades. And you give no compelling reason for the changes.

> I don't think this has to be configurable. The current mess probably needs to stay for compatibility reasons, but a command line option --sane-output could be added that switches output to the sensible style GCC and most other compiler use.

And now I think you are trolling...


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