[Dev-luatex] user_defined whatsits

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Sep 9 13:20:02 CEST 2010


On 09/09/2010 01:14 PM, Patrick Gundlach wrote:
> Hi,
> once in a while I find surprises in the luatex reference manual, such as the user_defined whatsits (great!).
> 1) Is the user_id field completely up to me? So I can use it somewhat as an attribute?


> 2) Will the user_defined whatsit stay in LuaTeX (I know, nothing is fixed, but the developers might have a tendency)

Yes, I think it will stay. At least, I see no reason to ever remote it.

> 3) am I dreaming or is this really real?

Both could be true at the same time, depending on how well the
actual reality -- interpreted reality link works in your brain :)

Best wishes,

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