[Dev-luatex] page break in node processing mode

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Sep 2 16:20:53 CEST 2010

On 2-9-2010 3:12, linuxss wrote:
> hallo, Hans!
> I'm interested in "page_insert (id 41)" node. It's just mentioned in
> node list, but not documented (in luatexref-t.pdf (beta 0.62.0)).
> Is there a chance to break a page (or create a page breaking node) while
> traversing the nodes.
> Maybe "page_insert" does that?

no, nodes like that are mentioned in the manual (side effect of the fact 
that the list is auto generated) but not really public ... they are used 
in tex itself when breaking paragraphs and pages .. so they are not 
documented because they are not meant to be used

actually there are a couple of more nodes that you can create and push 
in the list but even then tex has some assumptions about what node to 
expect where so it might give unwanted side effects

the page builder is not opened up yet (the parbuilder is partially 
opened up) so much of that might change before luatex 1.0

concerning breaking a page: you can insert a penalty node with a high 
value (i.e. do at the lua end what normally happens at the tex end)

(btw, 'insert' normally refers to insert nodes)


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