[Dev-luatex] page break in node processing mode

linuxss linuxss at list.ru
Thu Sep 2 15:12:46 CEST 2010

hallo, Hans!
I'm interested in "page_insert (id 41)" node. It's just mentioned in 
node list, but not documented (in luatexref-t.pdf (beta 0.62.0)).

Is there a chance to break a page (or create a page breaking node) while 
traversing the nodes.
Maybe "page_insert" does that?

tex example:
$2+2$ <---*insert page brake here *

Node traverse example:
 node id=hlist numb(1),      
     node id=math,       subtype=0
        node id=hlist  numb(2),     
        node id=glyph,   2  
        node id=glyph,   +  
        node id=glyph,   2  
        --------->end   hlist numb(2) 
     node id=math,       subtype=1
  --------->end   hlist numb(1)
<-------*insert page brake here*
other nodes

LuaTeX, Version beta-0.61
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