[Dev-luatex] colors, colorstack

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Oct 15 12:06:33 CEST 2010

On 15-10-2010 11:55, Patrick Gundlach wrote:

> for dealing with color inside self-built nodelists, I create a whatsit (pdfliteral, 8) node for "q<colordef>", prepend it to my nodelist and at the end of the nodelist I put a whatsit (8,8) "Q" to end the color definition. This interferes somehow with placement of text (I tried mode=1 and mode=0) so now I am thinking of using pdfTeX's colorstacks.

indeed q Q can interfere with other mechanism .. in that respect pdf is 
not that clean (ps has better grouping model)

> 1) Do you have a feeling if pdfcolorstacks makes sense with do-it-yourself nodelists?

It should make no difference if you do it at the tex end of lua end, 
apart maybe from assumptions with respect to the whatsit ending up 
before end-of-par glue or after begin-of-par indentation and dir boxes

> more important:
> 2) Is there something like \pdfcolorstackinit in lua?

I never used color stacks but I assume that tex.pdfcolorstackinit works 
ok then

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