[Dev-luatex] [***SPAM***] Traversing node list structures

Graham Douglas graham.douglas at readytext.co.uk
Sun Nov 28 19:05:14 CET 2010

Hi Taco

Apologies if this is at all off-topic but I'd like
to find out if the following is possible...

Suppose I have some text in a \vbox {} say

\setbox0 = \vbox{Some text that will be broken into lines...}

I would like to access the node list of this \vbox
and walk the node tree to emit (PostScript) code that
will create an exact rendering of that typeset text, giving the
same visual result you would see if the \vbox was placed
directly into the main PDF generated by LuaTeX.

I'm exploring node structures (using my GraphViz
port and Patrick's viznodelist tool) but (as yet)
don't understand how to traverse the nodelist such
that you can output the typeset result.

In particular, gaining access to (for example) the
final set values of glue (skip) which occurs between

This is a slightly unusual application but it would
be much appreciated if you suggest how to go about
doing this. In particular:

the way you would traverse the node tree (which links to
follow) to get the glyphs output in the right order
and how to access or calculate the glue between words.

Thank you as always for all your time and endless patience
with so many questions.

Very best wishes


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