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Sun Jan 24 08:35:15 CET 2010

MessageBox for a minimal GUI functionality. I just introduced a few
wrappers that run without a console (for gui programs), so there is no
place to output error messages. I worked around this with an ugly hack
but a proper solution would be nicer.

>> Perhaps external modules? What's the status of
>> loading binary modules? Will this be available for the coming TL
>> release?
> Yes, but I expect there will not be any binary modules actually
> included.

That might easily change once the machinery is in place ;)
Adding/updating a module if definitely less troublesome and easier to
experiment with than updating the whole luatex stack (which in
practice we can't do in TL in between the releases).

>> And another request if I may. With kpsewhich it is possible to specify
>> a search path explicitly with the -path switch, but this functionality
>> is not exposed through lua kpse lib. Could this be added?
> Sure. If there is anything else from kpathsea people want, please
> say so.

There are a few other kpsewhich options not covered thus far:
1) -all                   output all matches, one per line.
2) -engine=STRING         set engine name to STRING.
3) [-no]-mktex=FMT        disable/enable mktexFMT generation
4) -subdir=STRING         only output matches whose directory ends with STRING.

(1) and (4) could be occasionally useful (although the latter one can
be trivially implemented in terms of the former one in Lua). For the
remaining ones I have no opinion, I've never encountered the need for
them myself. Perhaps also kpse.version should be added for version



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