[Dev-luatex] [tex-live] LuaTeX cygwin build

Élie Roux elie.roux at telecom-bretagne.eu
Thu Apr 8 15:10:27 CEST 2010

2010/4/8 Taco Hoekwater <taco at elvenkind.com>:
> Can you check whether this is because of lua garbage collection
> that kicks in too slow (the most common cause of high memory usage
> so far)? If this is the cause, then it should be fixable by adding
>  collectgarbage('collect')
> statements at key points in the lua code that loads those big fonts
> (one before or after each font should do the trick).

This does not work, sadly...

> But if that
> doesn't work, then I suspect something is seriously wrong with the
> cygwin executable and you'll need a tool like valgrind to figure
> out what is leaking and why.

Another problem is that Valgrind is not working under cygwin... I
won't have time to inquire (especially without any appropriate tool),
so I guess the only option is to document it somewhere...

Thank you,

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