[Dev-luatex] Building a minimal luatex runtime environment: DVI is OK but PDF is failing

Graham Douglas graham.douglas at readytext.co.uk
Fri Apr 2 18:01:03 CEST 2010

Dear all

Firstly, my apologies in advance of this post in not appropriate here.
I will (hopefully) give enough background info to
explain my setup.

Windows Vista
LuaTeX, Version beta-0.53.0-2010040120

I've compiled LuaTeX on Windows with MinGW, mysys and
have working debug versions of luatex.exe (using --nostrip)
which function perfectly with gdb. So far so good.
(I use Tortoise SVN to check out the latest source code etc)

Now I want to create a minimal test environment for
LuaTeX which lets me compile some simple .tex files
for working with gdb.

So far I have constructed a minimal working texmf.cnf file
(not pretty --- and I'm sure it is wrong in many ways)
but it does enable some limited functionality. I have been able to
use Hans' example of "lplain" as a starting point but
have stripped this down to the following ("gplain" format):

\input plain
\directlua {tex.enableprimitives('', tex.extraprimitives())}

If I run

luatex.exe --ini gplain

(and type \dump)

I get a working gplain.ftm which I can run with

luatex.exe --progname=gplain $TEXMF/ptest2.tex

where "ptest2.tex" contains nothing more than:

\directlua 0 {
tex.print("Hello from gplain")

And ths outputs ptest2.dvi---->

This is LuaTeX, Version beta-0.53.0-2010040120
(c:/msys/1.0/trunk/build/texk/ptest2.tex [1] )
Output written on ptest2.dvi (1 page, 228 bytes).
Transcript written on ptest2.log.

---> which I can view with MikTeX's YAP.

So far so good.

However, if I type

\pdfoutput=1 at the start of my test file:

\directlua 0 {
tex.print("Hello from gplain")

I get a PDF but it is not functional.

I have the following set in my environment


At the end of c:/kspsluatex.log I see:

kpathsea: Running mktexpk --mfmode / --bdpi 72 --mag 1+0/72 --dpi 72 cmr10
luatex.exe: fatal: kpathsea: CreateProcess() failed for `mktexpk 
--mfmode / --bdpi 72 --mag 1+0/72 --dpi 72 cmr10' (Error 2)

So, finally to my question. Clearly, I am missing some steps in getting 
PDF output to work and this is likely to be fonts. Seems like an attempt
to build bitmaps is failing but I have a full collection of Type1 
Computer Modern fonts installed.

Would the list members be able to help me pinpoint the problem
with the PDF output?

What additional information do you need from me
that would help you trace the source of the problem?

With many thanks in advance.

Warm wishes to all.

Graham Douglas

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