[Dev-luatex] Wishing is free: fonts and glyph placement

Javier Múgica javier at digi21.eu
Tue Oct 27 13:38:58 CET 2009

I went on Hollydays the day after sending the message. That's why I
didn't reply to the messages.

What I mean is that the glyphs be placed so that their polygonal
shapes touch, instead of their boxes.
For example, if that of the k has a triangular hole at the right and
that of the o is an octagon, then placing these glyphs together within
a word, first the k and then the o, would make the octagon of the o to
go inside the hole of the k, so that both shapes touch. This is why
most kerning pairs would not be needed any more.

The idea that the polygons touch need not be restricted to letters
within a word but may be applied also to math.

>but applying some sort of blocky shape (especially if
>it only has horizontal and vertical lines) would be quite easy.

Maybe diagonal lines could be faked by a series of small steps.

--Javier A.

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