[Dev-luatex] build-latest-code-from-source instructions?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Nov 25 22:54:18 CET 2009

D. R. Evans wrote:
> Khaled Hosny said the following at 11/24/2009 05:17 PM :
>> Doing "export CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash" is usually enough, as it forces
>> using bash (no idea why this isn't the default.)
> Yep, that worked. Thank you very much. I spent about half an hour trying to
> figure out how to change the shell before I saw your e-mail.
> Now to the next question.
> The INSTALL file says:
> "Post-compilation installation should be a simple matter
> of copying the executable to a normal place for web2c
> binaries and generating the desired formats."
> This might as well say "... should be a simple matter of executing black
> magic that you will know if you already know it" :-)
> Would anyone care to elaborate on the instructions so that a mere mortal
> can accomplish this? [I vaguely recall something about generating a format
> file somewhere around 1984. Ampersands played a part, I think. I'm rambling.]
> I'm sorry if I'm missing something obvious that I should already know.

i suggest that you download tex live and consult its manual; generating 
formats and putting them in the right spot depends on what macro package 
you use in combination with some distribution

in that case it might be a good idea to start with pdftex etc as that 
has een integrated in distributions for ages

(that kind of support is a bit beyond this list)


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