[Dev-luatex] XML abilities in LuaTeX

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Nov 19 07:23:05 CET 2009

TeXWorld wrote:
> Hans Hagen a écrit :
>> TeXWorld wrote:
>>> Yes I see, I tried to use LuaXML with LuaTeX (0.44 with TexLive 2009 
>>> under Vista) and it didn't work.
>>> Do you think this dll will be ready for LuaTeX 0.50 ?
>> you probably need to test the latest version, not the one that ships 
>> with tex live
> I've just updated my LuaTeX and it works now with the 0.45 version, 
> thank you very much. 

Earlier versions trashed package.cpath, 0.45 does not do that any more,
so precompiled dlls will now work, sort of.

But there is a potential problem with this: your loaded dll will use
stock lua to run lua code, not the lua inside luatex. That is relevant,
because the lua inside luatex has various patches (coroutines, bytecode
architecture independence, an adjusted tostring) that the stock lua
interpreter does not have. After some pondering (overnight) I now think
that perhaps this is not an actual problem at all, but I have to do
some thinking about it which is why the external dll support is
not official yet.

> In fact, I would like to know where to put my lua library files, 
> somewhere LuaTeX could find them but not in the current directory of 
> course and not in \bin\win32 mixed up with other TeX Live binaries.

For the moment: in one of the directories of package.cpath (just
create a short lua script to print the value, all architectures
have different defaults). In the future, there will be a way to
put those dlls in the TDS structure, but that needs an extension
to the callback mechanism and/or kpathsea, which is not done yet.

The fact that right now you can already load external dlls under
windows is more a side-effect than a feature: it works by virtue
of there being a valid package.cpath, which makes the normal lua
kernel kick in. There is no C support code inside luatex yet.

Best wishes,

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