[Dev-luatex] REQ: Please tell comp.text.tex why LuaTeX chose embed rather than extend.

Jonathan Fine jfine at pytex.org
Wed May 27 23:38:45 CEST 2009

Hello David

You wrote:

>> You and I disagree on the relative merits of embed and extend, and
>> also on the importance of providing typesetting as a service.
>> These questions are of great importance to our community.
> Not really.  Lua's coroutines allow interchanging them in effect.  You
> simply choose to ignore other people's arguments.  That's not what a
> "discussion" is supposed to be about.

I have read your message and understand it.  You make an interesting point.

Here and now, as I said in my message, is not a suitable time for me to 
respond to what you say.  (Hans, twice, has tried to close this thread).

I suggest, therefore, that you repost your statement somewhere else, 
such as comp.text.tex, or wait until discussion can be reopened here.

I'm sorry that this might give the impression that I am ignoring what 
you say.

I hope that this thread is now closed.


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