[Dev-luatex] REQ: Please tell comp.text.tex why LuaTeX chose embed rather than extend.

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Tue May 26 23:44:40 CEST 2009

Jonathan Fine <jfine at pytex.org> writes:

> Dear Hans
> You wrote:
>> end of thread ... second attempt: you asked us what it is embed or
>> extend and by now it should be clear that we're not going to make a
>> choice that makes you happy (and haunts us the coming years)
> I do not wish to argue with you.  Arguments are unproductive (although
> sometimes difficult to avoid).  I apologise for anything I've said
> that might have taken us from discussion and into argument.
> You and I disagree on the relative merits of embed and extend, and
> also on the importance of providing typesetting as a service.
> These questions are of great importance to our community.

Not really.  Lua's coroutines allow interchanging them in effect.  You
simply choose to ignore other people's arguments.  That's not what a
"discussion" is supposed to be about.

David Kastrup

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