[Dev-luatex] REQ: Please tell comp.text.tex why LuaTeX chose embed rather than extend.

Jonathan Fine jfine at pytex.org
Sun May 24 13:27:39 CEST 2009


This week there's been a nice discussion on comp.text.tex that started 
in the context of LuaTeX.

It was on the difference between embedding a scripting language in an 
application and extending a scripting language with a module written in 
a compiled language.

One of the best parts, in my view, was Zeljko Vrba pointing out, in 
effect, that Postgres both embedded scripting languages and provided an 
interface that allowed it to be used as an extension to a scripting 
language.  This provides a wonderful dual example.

One of the participants asked: "What was the rationale behind choosing 
the embed route by the LuaTeX team?"

We'd be delighted if posted an answer to this question to comp.text.tex.

To help you find the c.t.t discussion, here's a URL:

And here's a shorter one:

with best regards


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