[Dev-luatex] Cron <luatex at vz3> /var/www/luatex.org/www/bin/luatex-svn

Cron Daemon root at www.metatex.org
Sun Mar 29 22:25:19 CEST 2009

r2160 | taco | 2009-03-29 17:49:33 +0200 (Sun, 29 Mar 2009) | 5 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/source/texk/web2c/Makefile.in
   M /trunk/source/texk/web2c/luatexdir/am/luatex.am
   D /trunk/source/texk/web2c/luatexdir/avl.h
   A /trunk/source/texk/web2c/luatexdir/lua/liolib.c

* various small fixes based on luatex.am from texlive;
* start using a private version of liolib.c. 
  (this will allow io.popen() intercepts, and means that
  lua51/liolib.c can revert back to the distributed one)


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