[Dev-luatex] fontforge library can't load OpenType file correctly

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Mar 2 09:29:10 CET 2009

luoyi wrote:
> could you tell me where  can I find the document about the structure
> of the subfonts table ?  I  can't fullly understand your example code
> without know the exactly structure of the table.
> thank you

Subfonts is just a way of having more fonts in one file; the subtables 
and the cidinfo table has the info that points to a cid vector (in your 
case an adobe gb one). What you do with these subtables is up to youself 
(or the macro package): use only one, merge them, merge a few etc

This is a subfonts entry



etc. Shapes can be shared which makes the font more compact. Cid fonts 
are currently somewhat inefficient, mostly because the vectors have many 
empty entries


so future releases of luatex miight use the



In practice you can just overlay these subfonts and then use the info 
from the external cid vector

from the manual: "The cidinfo will be used as the character set (the CID 
/Ordering and /Registry keys)."

once the font table structure is 'frozen' we will add some more detailed 
  info to the manual


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