[Dev-luatex] luatex beta 0.40.2

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Wed Jun 3 15:42:13 CEST 2009


I have just uploaded luatex 0.40.2 to the foundry server,
and have committed the source code to texlive.

What's new:

* Fix for a compilation warning under Cygwin.

* A complicated bugfix by Hartmut for a rounding problem in the
  VF loading that resulted in 'character width mismatch in font
  XY.vf ignored' messages at large load sizes

* The embedded MPlib is now 1.202.

* The post_page_number callback was accidentally run when
  shipping out xforms as well as during actual pages.

* When a math accent char doesn't have a bot_accent placer,
  luatex now uses the top_accent placer, if present.

* A crash caused by \Uroot .. {<list>}{...} is fixed

* A portability fix for solaris 8 sparc using sun studio
  compiler, and one for glibc > 2.9.90

* luatex -ini now sets the \catcode of the BOM character to
  ignore (9)

* Kpathsea is updated from TeXLive, giving four extra types of
  searchable files: 'font feature files','cid maps','mlbib',
  and 'mlbst'.

* libpng is now 1.2.36

The archives can be downloaded from supelec as usual:


You could also check out the sources via anonymous svn:

  svn co http://foundry.supelec.fr/svn/luatex/tags/beta-0.40.2

Bugs and feature requests can be added to the issue tracker at


Have fun,

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