[Dev-luatex] \pdfannot in TRT direction

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Jul 6 20:41:56 CEST 2009

Hartmut Henkel wrote:

> The directions _are_ taken care of (in a correct way i hope); the
> coordinate transform to the page system happens within the
> set_rect_dimens() function called from do_annot(). Even for the vertical
> *B* and *T* directions it should be ok, but it stretches the
> width/height/depth concept, as annotations seem to be generally TLT
> text.

indeed and we should be careful in adding to much automatism to that as 
often the code involved in custom annotations can be rather complex

> Well, one could start philosophize whether the rectangle should be
> mounted better always to the right from the current point, independent
> from direction. One could state dimensions (x,y), and maybe (x,y) offset
> strictly in page coordinates, and forget about w/h/d as the rectangle
> has anyway not much to do with the classical width/height/depth TeX
> parameters, particularly when they are transformed. But then one has to
> guarantee that the annotation does not fall off the page...

normally this is under macro package control and one can simply use 
-width or -height depending on the direction wanted (in pdf annotations 
are something independent of the page stream anyway)

the annotation model is already tricky in the sense that one has to do 
some positioning i.e. ps/pdf llcorner upwards model versus tex's page 
stream down model so let's not act too hastely

i suggest that we leave this code untouched till we have cleaned up the 
backend code (when you visit NL sometime we can sit on the balcony and 
muse about all the variants and options an dpossibilities)


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