[Dev-luatex] Generating the sources

Javier Múgica javier at digi21.eu
Fri Jan 30 11:54:54 CET 2009

> In the luatex distribution and the repository, there is a toplevel file
> called INSTALL. This explains how to build luatex (albeit briefly).

I'll try when I have time. I don't have regular acces to the Internet, so I
downloaded the source and then read the readme files at home. That is why I
hadn't seen the INSTALL. Please, do not believe that the first thing I do is
just asking.

> But that just for your information, the luatex source code is almost
> certainly not the cause of luatex's inability to find and load
> ec-lmr12.tfm.

Not so sure, pdftex generates the format without problem. Anyway, debuggin
it will help me find the problem, be it LuaTex fault or mine.

> Best wishes,
> Taco

Best wishes to you too
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