[Dev-luatex] Generating the sources

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Jan 29 20:15:56 CET 2009

Javier Múgica wrote:
> Some time ago I had a problem with the fonts when generating the format, 
> which I posted here. New versions didn't solve it, I always get the annoying
> Could not load ec-lmr12.tfm. Inexistent or bad font file,
> or something like that.

I fixed the ecrm1000 bug that Javier Bevos hinted that it could be the
same thing, and you never got back to me, so I assumed it was solved.

You have to be more specific than "problem generating the format",
there can be many causes for a failure to find a font. I would
like to know:

* What operating system type are you on?
* Which format are you attempting to generate?
* Which version of luatex do you use?
* Where is the luatex executable on the filesystem?
* Where is the texmf tree (and that font) on the filesystem?

> I decided to compile and debug LuateX myself. Something worth indeed if 
> I ever plan to become a developper. It was the first time I tangled 
> something. I saw a luatangle.web (if my memory does not betray me), so I 
> started tangling that, but I get pascal code, and I don't have a pascal 
> compiler.

In the luatex distribution and the repository, there is a toplevel file
called INSTALL. This explains how to build luatex (albeit briefly).

Even shorter: you should run these two commands

	$ ./build.sh
	<wait for the build to finish>
	$ cp build/texk/web2c/luatex <texmf-bin-dir>

But that just for your information, the luatex source code is almost
certainly not the cause of luatex's inability to find and load

Best wishes,

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