[Dev-luatex] buglet in pdftex/luatex

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Thu Jan 15 11:45:02 CET 2009

we just noticed two buglets with \pdfstartlink/\pdfendlink:
- \pdfstartlink nodes are printed as pdflink
- The saved nested level of \pdf*link is only a small_number (0..63),
  while cur_s is an integer. This doesn't work. :-)
  This also means that \pdf*link only work at the first 63 levels (or
  since we are in web2c, they work till level 127 (signed char)). And
  yes, we need this. :-)

Here are patches for both:

@@ -34835,7 +34835,7 @@
 pdf_start_link_node: begin
-    print_esc("pdflink");
+    print_esc("pdfstartlink");
     @<Display <rule spec> for whatsit node created by \pdfTeX@>;
     if pdf_link_attr(p) <> null then begin
         print(" attr");
@@ -35583,7 +35583,7 @@

 @ @<Types...@>=
 @!pdf_link_stack_record = record
-    nesting_level: small_number;
+    nesting_level: integer;
     link_node: pointer; {holds a copy of the corresponding
     ref_link_node: pointer; {points to original |pdf_start_link_node|, or a
                              copy of |link_node| created by |append_link| in

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