[Dev-luatex] <texmf>/luatex is coming

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Jan 7 12:00:39 CET 2009

Jonathan Sauer wrote:
> Hello, 
>>> First the warning, for Hans in particular: make sure you start using
>>> require() for all of the external lua modules that are embedded in
>>> luatex. As soon as this new subsystem is in place, you can no longer
>>> use functions like socket.bind() without require-ing the 
>>> module first!
>> ok, no problem for the scripts, but i have to figure out a 
>> way to embed them in the format

sorry for the confusion; in context i already put lots of stuff in 
bytecode registers so it's not a technical problem; more a location 
problem (because i want to be compatible) which in the meantime is 
solved by patching the mkiv file-handling lib and package.load cum suis

(the main issue is actually that all the 'normal' lua modules reside in 
the tree and are located by the file locator, while those special libs 
live somewhere else and not per se known to the environment unless 
special env vars are set/known; fyi: i don't use kpse)


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