[Dev-luatex] Q: Can LuaTeX produce xdv?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Jan 3 14:31:45 CET 2009

Yannis Haralambous wrote:

> 1) I put tags in the DVI file which allow me to place marginal material 
> at (exactly) the same height, during post-processing. In DVI it is easy 
> to place a PUSH, make a skip, typeset the material and then POP back to 
> the previous position so that the rest of the page remains unchanged. I 
> guess this will be harder in PDF.

i do that in pdf by using pdfsavepos cum suis (just calculate the delta 
between several positions and then move the material)

> 2) I calculate the height of lines so that I can detect whether a page 
> is shorter or taller than the normal. This is very useful to prevent 
> accidents.

> In a more elaborate project I split my DVI page into lines (lines of 
> text, of translation, of footnotes of translation and of one or more 
> critical apparati) and I re-assemble these lines into double pages, by 
> letting the critical apparati flow under the footnotes, ad by keeping 
> parallelism between text and translation. This works fine with DVI, 
> maybe everyline can become a BT...ET section in PDF and I can get the 
> same result.

that can be done by looping over the nodelist and manipulating hlist nodes


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