[Dev-luatex] Q: Can LuaTeX produce xdv?

Jonathan Fine jfine at pytex.org
Thu Jan 1 22:55:53 CET 2009

Arthur Reutenauer wrote:


>> I'm looking for a what might be called a Unicode savvy Device Independent 
>> binary format.  And I'm looking for XeTeX and LuTeX to share code and 
>> ideas, when possible.
>   Hence, what you're aiming at is for LuaTeX and XeTeX to produce some
> common extended DVI format, not for LuaTeX to produce xdv, right?  This
> is quite different since, as I said above, LuaTeX has some features that
> XeTeX's xdv can't account for.

I think you've got the gist of what I want.  Sharing of code and ideas.

However, your statement seems to contradict your earlier statement 
(snipped) that one can do
     Source transformed by LuaTeX to DVI and hence PDF
and get the same result as
     Source transformed directly to PDF by LuaTeX

 From what you've said, it seems to me that xdv contains some but not 
all of the features that LuaTeX would need to add to the DVI format. 
Are there many such features?

>> I'm copying Jonathan Kew (XeTeX's developer in on this).
>   I know who Jonathan Kew is.

Good.  I'd be surprised and worried if you didn't.  In fact, I know that 
you and he have probably met and, I hope, discussed some of these 
matters, because the three of us were all at TUG 2008 in Cork last year 
(yes, it is 2009 now).

But I put this statement in my message not for you but for others on 
this list who might not recall that Jonathan Kew is XeTeX's developer.


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