[Dev-luatex] XML abilities in LuaTeX

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Wed Feb 25 10:07:31 CET 2009

TeXWorld wrote:
>> in the future there will be an option to load libraries (once we've
>> sorted out the best way to deal with it in a secure way in the tex
>> tree etc) 
> I was recently thinking about that and that's really good news. I have
> several questions :

We will almost certainly (but nothing is 100% yet) not be shipping
lua libraries as part of the luatex distribution.

Dynamic loading of libraries can not be guaranteed to work everywhere,
and we want the core funtionality available even on platforms that
don't support it, so the core libraries will remain built-in, as
they are now. So far, there are no plans (nor infrastructure) to ship
extra lua libraries.

> -when do you think this option could be available il LuaTeX ? This year ?

Not before texlive 2009, but probably not long after either.

> -who will decide which lua modules will be available for/used with
> LuaTeX ? Users ?
> -could it be possible to install and remove any of them ? Is it the kind
> of thing that could be done with the TeX distribution (I'm thinking of
> tlmgr in TeXLive for example)

If we are assuming for the moment that luatex itself doesn't ship
those libraries, that would automaticlly make it a problem for the
distributions and/or individual users.

But let's get back to this later (end of summer).

Best wishes,

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