[Dev-luatex] XML abilities in LuaTeX

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Feb 25 01:38:11 CET 2009

TeXWorld wrote:
> Hans Hagen a écrit :

> -when do you think this option could be available il LuaTeX ? This year ?

don't expect this too soon; there will be a code freeze for texlive 
(0.40) and later this year (around eurotex) version 0.50 (which a couple 
of pending issues resolved)

at this moment we aim at 2012 for version 1.0, which will have stable 
interfaces and functionality (until then every aspect can change)

> -who will decide which lua modules will be available for/used with 
> LuaTeX ? Users ?

indeed, luatex is just a core with a few modules built in, the ones that 
make most sense and are not debatable (fontforge, a few small helpers, 
and basic io, some of them are patched)

given that we have the ability to load modules a few years from now, 
then maintaining extra modules is not part of the project and up to the 
users or distributers; for instance there are many ways to deal with xml 
and it makes no sense to enforce methods; the same is actually true for 
more aspects of luatex ... we provide the basic system and how it's used 
is up to users and macro packages as all do it their own way

> -could it be possible to install and remove any of them ? Is it the kind 
> of thing that could be done with the TeX distribution (I'm thinking of 
> tlmgr in TeXLive for example)

i don't know; things like that involve compiling, maybe other 
dependencies on libraries, installation mess, distributione policies, etc.

as said: we will make the luatex kernal as small as possible, and any 
prescribed dependencies make it unstable


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