[Dev-luatex] Patterns

Javier Múgica javier at digi21.eu
Mon Feb 23 10:41:50 CET 2009

TeX does not allow the appearance of the same pattern twice. LuaTeX, I
think, has just changed the error message:

! Conflicting pattern ignored.

Now with LuaTeX it is possible to add patterns after the format
generation. But one of the reasons why adding patterns in the document
is to override format patterns, so I think that the right behavour for

aa1bb1cc    %in the format

aa2bbcc    %in the document

is to get the maximum number at each point, therefore resulting in


Furthermore, if the user writes somting like

aa8bb  %Do not brake here

it will or will not work according as to the pattern aabb already
exists in the format or does not, which is not certainly what a user
writing this pattern would expect.

Javier A.

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