[Dev-luatex] Floating point exception

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Mon Feb 2 23:28:24 CET 2009

Martin Schröder wrote:
> 2009/2/2 Javier Múgica <javier at digi21.eu>:
>> I don't know whether this is a problem of luatex or of my Linux, but with
>> the latest version I get this message from the operating system (because it
>> is in Spanish)
>> javier at javier-laptop:~$ luatex
>> Excepción de coma flotante
>> javier at javier-laptop:~$
>> i.e., "floating point exception". I do not even see the "This is Luatex... "
>> message.
> Probably the architecture of the binary and your kernel don't match.

Ah, right. Are you using the binaries from contextgarden.net?

If yes, then the problem is most likely that your linux kernel is still
from the 2.4.x series. After the contextgarden upgrade, the binaries
that are distributed from there are for 2.6.x (it seems nobody has an
"old enough" linux install readily available any more).

Best wishes,

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