[Dev-luatex] Strange behaviour

Elie Roux elie.roux at telecom-bretagne.eu
Sun Feb 1 22:18:24 CET 2009


here is an example of some behaviours I find quite strange... It is a 
really short and simple example in plainTeX. It shows that if we have 
set \localleftbox or \localrightbox once, every line will have two more 
(empty) nodes. I think this behaviour is quite uncoherent, because 
packages (like GregorioTeX) set some \localleftbox and \localrightbox 
and then unsets them, so if someone wants to count the nodes of a line, 
this result will depend if he has a score in his document or not, even 
if he counts the nodes of a line that has nothing to do with a score... 
I think it would be better if these empty nodes were suppressed...

The other behaviour I find strange is that an attribute on a node can be 
both 1 and -1... It's just a curiosity, as the good way to test if an 
attribute exists is (I think) to call node.has_attribute with only two 
arguments. Also, is there a way to get the value of an attribute on a 
node by doing something else than testing some?

Thank you in advance,
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