[Dev-luatex] assigment to node fields ignored

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Dec 22 09:23:30 CET 2009

Paweł Jackowski wrote:

> 1. New pdf table fields (pdf.pdftrailer, pdf.pdfinfo, pdf.pdfcatalog, 
> pdf.pdfnames) actually do nothing more but assign internal toks lists. 
> As we know, their pdftex equivalents weren't generic toks lists, but 
> perhaps they should for interface consistency? And perhaps they should 
> live in the same place as pdfpageattr and companion?

this is on purpose as the interface at the lua end is not modelled after 
the one at the tex end; we will even go further and provide hooks at the 
lua end like pdf.writecatalog(collectedsofar) or so, i.e. even more 

> 2. Fontmap-related write-only fields (pdf.mapline, pdf.mapfile) could 
> actually be static functions
>     pdf.mapline "+font Font ..."
>     pdf.mapfile "pdftex.map"
> as there is no advantage of having them dynamic. Then one can local them
>     local mapline = pdf.mapline
> avoiding unnecessary overhead of metacall on every access to pdf table.

well, the whole font/map related bit of the code will be overhauled (not 
before 0.50) as part of other cleanup (type1c etc) but that will not 
happen before 0.50. The overhead you mention is neglectable (after all 
functions also have overhead).


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