[Dev-luatex] luatex manpage [was: mpost.1 man page (and luatex.1 man page)]

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Apr 23 09:18:29 CEST 2009

Khaled Hosny wrote:
>>   The option list is a bit outdated in any case, I will try to
>>   document the actual, complete option list tomorrow.
> That would be very helpful, since I'd to guess most of the time.

First, there are two switches that alter the executable behaviour:


Then, there are ignored:

       these are always on

       these are always off

Actually interpreted switches and arguments:

       prints credits

       (normally undocumented) to debug format loading

       switch on draft mode (generates no output PDF)

       enable/disable/restrict \write18, os.execute(),
       os.exec(), os.spawn(), and io.popen().

       disable/enable file:line:error style messages

       use FMTNAME instead of program name or a %& line

       stop processing at the first error

       show help

       be iniluatex, for dumping formats

       set interaction mode (STRING=batchmode/nonstopmode/

       set the job name to STRING

       set path searching debugging flags according to
       the bits of NUMBER

       the lua initialization file

       disable/enable mktexFMT generation (FMT=tex/tfm)

       disable the luasocket (network) library

       use STRING for DVI file comment instead of date

       use DIR as the directory to write files to

       use FORMAT for job output; FORMAT is `dvi' or `pdf

       set program (and fmt) name to STRING

       enable filename recorder

       disable easily exploitable lua commands

       enable/disable synctex

       show version and exit

The presence of --lua makes most of these switches unreliable,
because the lua initialization file can disable kpathsea and/or
hook functions into various callbacks. Here is the list of
possibly affected switches/functionality, and why:

       controllable via the texconfig table

       kpathsea can be switched off via the texconfig table

       can be reset via texconf.init function

   --<unrecognized options>
       the lua initialization script can access the commandline, so it
       can interpret extra options if it so desires.

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