[Dev-luatex] Luatex beta 0.30.0 released

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Tue Sep 30 12:00:55 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I have just uploaded the archives for luatex 0.30.0.
This release matches SVN revision #1521.

New features:

* Readable \tex internal params that are counts, attrs, or dimens are
   now returned as numbers instead of strings, and skips as node objects.
   Read-write access to tex's skip registers added: tex.skip[0] etc.
* new callback: 'linebreak_callback' to replace the internal paragraph
   breaking code
* the tex table now supports more readable 'convert' values:
   tex.fontname, tex.pdffontname, tex.pdffontobjnum, tex.pdffontsize,
   tex.uniformdeviate, tex.number, tex.romannumeral, tex.pdfpageref,
   tex.pdfxformname  (each takes a number as argument)
* new readable parameter: tex.fontidentifier(number) returns the
   \csname associated with that font id
* luatex now outputs \FONT<nr> instead of \^^@ in Overfull/Underfull
   messages if the font's id text is zero (like for expanded fonts) (#77)
  * luatex --version is split into --version and --credits
* There is now (again) an svn revision number in luatex --version (#91)
* Add support for more read-only internal access from lua:
   tex.lastpenalty, tex.lastkern, tex.lastskip, tex.lastnodetype,
   tex.inputlineno, tex.badness, tex.pdftexversion, tex.pdflastobj,
   tex.pdflastxform, tex.pdflastximage, tex.pdflastximagepages,
   tex.pdflastannot, tex.pdflastxpos, tex.pdflastypos, tex.pdfrandomseed,
   tex.pdflastlink, tex.luatexversion, tex.Alephversion,
   tex.Omegaversion, tex.Alephminorversion, tex.Omegaminorversion,
   tex.eTeXminorversion, tex.eTeXversion, tex.currentgrouplevel,
   tex.currentgrouptype, tex.currentiflevel, tex.currentiftype,
   tex.currentifbranch, tex.pdflastximagecolordepth (#81)
* the old --src-specials are replaced by --synctex (#63)
* the \expanded primitive is backported from pdftex 1.50 (#43)
* luatex now comes with libpng 1.2.32
* experimental: tex.definefont(string, number) associates a
   csname string with a font id number

Bugs fixed compared to 0.29.0:

* dashes were exported wrongly by MPlib
* multi-item \discretionaries were broken in various ways (#78, mailinglist)
* read_font_info was sometimes called recursively from lua-loaded
   virtual fonts
* do_vf was sometimes called on lua-loaded fonts that where
   already known to be virtual
* trailing junk in tfm files is now ignored (needed for ecrm fonts)
* pdf_ignored_dimen was initialized too late, breaking \prevdepth
   handling and causing output lines to overlap eachother (#72)
* pdf.immediateobj() had a printf-related bug
* the fontname terminal logging is fixed for strange font file names
* lua tex array assignments now listen to the globaldefs setting
   (tex.count[0] etc) (#92,partial)
* \parshape was broken (#70)
* there is no longer a ".tex" extension forced on very input file (#74)
* eof() for mapfiles was true one byte too soon (#76)
* out of range \lefthyphenmin and \righthyphenmin settings now actually
   disable hyphenation (#90)
* tex.unset_attribute() looked too far ahead when a to-be-unset
   attribute id not only did not exist in the node, but was also
   higher than the highest set attribute on the node. (#65)
* the parameters attr and page_name of read_image() were swapped
   (this broke \pdfimage with attributes)
* tex filenames with spaces in them on the command line are now
   allowed again (#30)
* sometimes pfb fonts were included multiple times without valid
   reason (#29)
* some parts of the pdftex 1.40.9 PNG transparancy hack were still
   present and caused transparant png handling to fail
* \localinterlinepenalty and \localbrokenpenalty were broken
* special case catcode tables are now handled better (#23)
* the handling of missing .notdef charstrings in old pfb fonts
   is fixed (#27)

The archives (source and binaries) can be downloaded from supelec,
as usual:


Bugs and feature requests can be added to the issue tracker at


Have fun,

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