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Mon Sep 29 16:23:59 CEST 2008

r1517 | taco | 2008-09-29 15:10:02 +0200 (Mon, 29 Sep 2008) | 5 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/src/texk/web2c/luatexdir/lua/ltexlib.c
   M /trunk/src/texk/web2c/luatexdir/lua/ltokenlib.c
   M /trunk/src/texk/web2c/luatexdir/luatex.defines
   M /trunk/src/texk/web2c/luatexdir/luatex.web
   M /trunk/src/texk/web2c/luatexdir/ptexlib.h
   M /trunk/src/texk/web2c/luatexdir/tex/textoken.c
   M /trunk/src/texk/web2c/luatexdir/tokens.h

This commit moves the catcode table and partialness state to the 
input_stack_record (instead of depending on global variables) in
order to fix bug #23. 
also cleans the luacstring interface up a bit as a result


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