[Dev-luatex] Level 1 OFM Support

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Fri May 23 14:58:55 CEST 2008

Hello ChoF,

Jin-Hwan Cho wrote:
> Dear Taco Hoekwater,
> In these days, I am trying to find a good way to use CJK characters with 
> LuaTeX.
> At first, it looks somewhat trivial, but this topic is not trivial 
> because of different typographical features of CJK countries.
> My first goal is to repeat the same thing what I had done with Omega. 
> While I'm testing, I found that LuaTeX does not support the level 1 
> OFMs. Actually it is not hard to support the format in the point of 
> DVI drivers' view. But it might not in the point of TeX's view.

In truth I was not supporting OFM level 1 because the tools to create
them are broken (at least all the ones I could find) and the technology
is a dead end, it is much nicer to use TTF/OTF directly.

> Anyway, I made a patch to support this format except for char_param (see 
> \S95 entry of the ofm2opl manual, p.235) because I did not know how these 
> parameters were used in LuaTeX.

I can apply your patch in any case.

> I tested a few sample OFM files of level 1. Especially I have cyberb.ofm 
> (level 1) generated by ttf2tfm from Bitstream cyberbit.ttf. And, it was 
> successful to get CJK characters in the DVI mode. It looks that LuaTeX 
> does not support yet 16-bit characters in PDF mode.

Not ones loaded from OFM files, no. I didn't know how to do it,
and because of the 'dead technology' did not want to invest too
much time in learning, either.  I assume there is some mapping
of tfmindex-to-ttfindex involved?


> For CJK people, the first thing what we want is to support CJK characters 
> in PDF mode without using subfont scheme (as CJK-LaTeX and Korean ko.TeX).

it works if you load the TTF/OTF font directly using lua. Hans does
that in context mkiv. See this file


for an example of the output. That is straight from luatex, no
dvipdfmx inbetween.

> The next thing is to support CJK typography. It may take quite long time 
> to do it.
> I am preparing a topic for the first thing and I'd like to give a talk 
> at this TUG conference for this topic. Because I am novice in LuaTeX, 
> I hope the developers (I already met Hans and Hartmut) give me some 
> helpful comment.

Best wishes,

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