[Dev-luatex] A few idle questions...

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Wed May 7 14:29:17 CEST 2008

"Jonathan Sauer" <Jonathan.Sauer at silverstroke.com> writes:

> Hello, 
>> Are there any practical experiences with Coco in LuaTeX already?
> Even though I would not call them "practical":
> I once used coroutines in the file reading callback to convert a
> text file to TeX using coroutine.yield to return each converted
> line of text as well as a short preamble and a postamble. I posted
> the example to the LuaTeX wiki:
> <http://luatex.bluwiki.com/go/Typeset_non-TeX_files_by_converting_them_u
> sing_Lua_code>

Yes, that is the kind of thing I had been thinking of.  Another is
output routine programming: a function
get_more_main_vertical_list_material_from_TeX would be quite handy in
some applications, and yielding to TeX until the next pass would seem to
make for some very straightforward and understandable programming.

> I was also thinking of implementing a LaTeX environment using a
> coroutine,

Oh, is anybody actually using LuaTeX with LaTeX?  Any guidelines about

David Kastrup

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