[Dev-luatex] A few idle questions...

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed May 7 14:16:52 CEST 2008

David Kastrup wrote:
> Hi,
> XML processing is sort of the rage of the day, and ConTeXt also has some
> support for it.  What I have been wondering is whether luaexpat is on
> the list of libraries where inclusion into LuaTeX would be considered.
> Either directly, or as a configuration option when compiling.

additional parsing libraries are not on the agenda; at some point there 
may be a way to load libraries at runtime (we have decided to postpone 
this for a while); maintaining support for such libraries is not our 
primary task either

> For processing pure XML files or fragments, this would seem like
> interesting infrastructure.

there are too many approached to this, and in order to avoid wrong 
choices and endles discussions, the way to deal with this is either to 
use lua or to use a library; since luatex is open source users can add 
such things locally (after all, this is what open source is about);

> Another question: I found inclusion of the the Coco patches quite

these extensions were added after some discussions with James Quirk who 
want to experiment with it

> interesting.  An application that came immediately to my mind was having
> a control flow written in Lua that feeds TeX code into the TeX
> interpreter and works with the result from executing these TeX
> instructions, by yielding a Lua coroutine until the executed TeX code
> finally resumes it.  Was that the basic intention?  Are there any
> practical experiences with Coco in LuaTeX already?

the short term objectives are to open up tex and in the process many 
'components' are rewritten, for example the components of paragraph 
building already have been isolated;

a long term objective (already mentioned in roadmaps) is to use lua as 
the language that glues the various components and stages together; at 
that point on emay decide to use coroutines but that's not the only 
solution (i.e. we will not focus on one model)

but this major overhaul will not happen soon (> 2010) because first the 
code base has to be converte to cweb; also, at some point we need to 
guarantee stability, so such paradism shifts will not happen in luatex 
versions 1.* but in 2.*


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