[Dev-luatex] "error" in LuaTeX and Lua (again) and manual .diff

Jonathan Sauer Jonathan.Sauer at silverstroke.com
Tue May 6 10:03:36 CEST 2008


a few modifications to the manual (additions, mostly) as well as
a small sample file illustrating the point made below:


\directlua name{@test} 0 {
	-- Fail right away


While the stack backtrace for code created using \directlua is now
very readable, IMO the same cannot be said for code loaded via
loadfile, at least when kpathsearch is involved. Then the stack
backtrace contains the absolute path of each Lua file, making it quite
a mouthfull.

I have created a patch for lobject.c that modifies the file name(s)
contained in a stack backtrace by removing everything but the last
path component, i.e. instead of
"/absolute/path/to/the/lua/file/somewhere/in/texmf/file.lua", only
"file.lua" is shown.

What do you think?

>       /* get the last path component of the source */
>       for (;;) {
>         const char* fn = strstr(source, LUA_DIRSEP);
>         if (fn) {
>           /* move past the directory separator and try again */
>           source = fn + strlen(LUA_DIRSEP);
>         }
>         else {
>           /* no further directory separator: Done */
>           break;
>         }
>       }

Incidentally, I noticed that the code

  lua.bytecode[n] = loadfile(kpse.find_file(filename))

when used in IniTeX (to preload a complete Lua file) stores the file's
complete path in the compiled Lua code (for the stack backtrace) which
is then dumped into the format file. Since it is possible that the
path contains private information, i.e. the user name, this private
information would then be stored in the format file.

OTOH, I do not think that this is a problem, since the format file
will either be generated on the computer LuaTeX is installed on,
and/or the preloaded Lua files will reside in the texmf tree which
does not contain a user name et.al.

Maybe a note in the manual (contained in the attached .diff)


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