[Dev-luatex] compile flags in luatex

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Mar 27 00:38:32 CET 2008

    sure, aleph is no longer actively maintained

I know it's not maintained, but that's a different question than are
there any users who will be unhappy if it will get replaced by luatex.

However, since it's all the same people :), if you tell me to get rid of
it and just make it luatex, I will do so, with great pleasure.
    it would be interesting to know if there are real omega users out there; 
    it was never stable enough for production so ...

There are Omega users, although clearly not a lot.  I see occasional
questions and answers on the lists, even an article or two.  I can't get
rid of that one without opening a huge can of worms, so I'm not even
going to try ...


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