[Dev-luatex] Luatex beta 0.25.0 released

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Tue Mar 11 16:58:06 CET 2008

Hi all,

I have just uploaded the archives for luatex 0.25.0


* mplib library:
   This version features an embedded MP interpreter whose output
   can be directly accessed from lua code (mplib), without calls
   to an external "mpost" command. Of course it has bugs and
   limitations (makempx does not work, for example) but keep in
   mind that it is only an initial attempt.
   See the manual for more details.
* img library:
   ** img.immediatewrite() is added
   ** images now accept a 'transform' key
   ** widths etc. can now be given as width="100mm"


* \parshape handling was completely broken since 0.20.0+
* when \pdfprotrudechars was in effect, an assertion failure
   could happen when embedded \hboxes in the paragraph appeared
   at the end of a line.
* import of otf fonts with contextual lookups has been debugged,
   thanks to a patch by GW himself.
* compiling with gcc 4.2.3 is now supported
* if you want to build from source, you need a pre-installed ctangle.

The archives (source and binaries) can be downloaded from supelec,
as usual:


Bugs and feature requests can be added to the issue tracker at


Have fun,

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