[Dev-luatex] A native support for SVG

TeXWorld texworld at laposte.net
Sun Jun 29 21:49:54 CEST 2008


I'm a ConTeXt (and LaTeX too) user. When I want to make a vector 
picture, I'm trying most of the time to use programs who can export 
PGF/TikZ or PStricks.
A lot of users like me don't "program" their vector pictures and use 
wysiwyg programs like Inkscape or Illustrator to generate PStricks ou 
PGF/TikZ code. Of course whatever program used, we can
find a SVG export. SVG is the most spread and the most used format to 
store vector pictures.

I request a native support for SVG in XeTeX and in LuaTeX, I think it 
would be a great thing.
Of course when I want to include SVG pictures in my documents I can 
convert them to pdf before but the problem is that labels and texts 
won't be compiled : fonts will be wrong.

What do you think about this ? Do you think it's something possible ?

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