[Dev-luatex] ecrm1000

Jonathan Sauer Jonathan.Sauer at silverstroke.com
Thu Jul 24 10:43:21 CEST 2008


unfortunately I cannot help you with the error you're getting,

> Another question. Has someone attempted to make LuaTeX/LaTeX 
> compatible with existing T1 and the like fonts? (without 
> using active characters, I mean). After reading the manual for
> 0.29 I've inferred this part is still under development. 

I would think you would have to create a "define_font"-callback
to do the following:

1. Read the TFM file manually into a Lua table.
2. Re-map the glyphs according to the font's encoding (T1 ...)
   to Unicode.
3. Return the new table.

Then, when typesetting Unicode characters, these will be mapped
onto the correct glyphs in the font. You could even create an
artificial font (see the manual) to create glyphs missing in
the font (but existing as characters in Unicode) from existing

> I'm reading the lua files from ConTeXt, so I presume I'll 
> have more questions soon. Any further pointers? I'm 
> interested mainly in LaTeX (LuaLaTeX?).

I found this document quite interesting (not LaTeX, though):

> Thanks
> Javier


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