[Dev-luatex] generalized hyphenation

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Wed Feb 27 23:35:31 CET 2008

> Another wishlist item would be to be able to use the pattern mechanism
> for picking between long and short s forms (won't help in the case of
> "Wachstube" which can have either depending on meaning, but should work
> for most other cases).

  There's an interesting related issue: I've always wondered if it was
possible to adapt the pattern mechanism to handle the cases where you
don't wish to use a ligature in German (like in “auffallen”).  I suppose
it would need a different dictionary (you probably can't use the normal
hyphenation patterns – that's my guess only), but it surely would be
legitimate to instruct TeX where not to set ligatures in some languages.

  Then we can devise a similar dictionary to automatically correct the
“oe” into “œ” in French :-)


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