[Dev-luatex] Luatex beta 0.22.1 released

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Wed Feb 27 09:48:17 CET 2008

Hi all,

I have just uploaded the archives for luatex 0.22.1, that is
a bugfix release for 0.22.0

Fixes and changes:

* The macnames.c source file for building ttf2afm is restored.
* "make depend" in luatexdir now works again
* luatex sometimes crashed because it attempted to expand an
   already expanded font
* luatex aborted when --progname was given but no format name.
   It now sets the format name to the given progname in that case
* sometimes paragraphs with near-empty lines could cause a crash
* img.supportedtypes() had a bug causing it to crash
* img.supportedtypes() has been renamed to img.types for consistency
* img.boxes() added, returns strings representing bounding boxes
* img.node() added, returns a whatsit node cf. \pdfrefximage
* node.write() now accepts multiple arguments
* the program_name_set switch was not set automatically from C,
   causing errors unless lua code called kpse.set_program_name()
* kpse.set_program_name() can now be called more than once
   in a single run.
* os.spawn{...} and os.exec{...} could cause crashes because of
   a memory allocation error

The archives (source and binaries) can be downloaded from supelec,
as usual:


Bugs and feature requests can be added to the issue tracker at


Have fun,

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